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Holiday Events

Portraying Santa is not just wearing a red holiday suit. It involves having the spirit of Christmas in your heart and in your actions. Santa should have a real desire to bring happiness and joy to others, not just for the holiday season but year round. Well our Santa fits this discription very well.

You deserve to have a real Santa for your visit, party or event so everything down to the finest detail should be authentic. When Santa visits your home Santa will be in a custom-made wardrobe, boots, belt and accessories. The clothes Santa wears are not a costume. They are as real as Santa's spirit of christmas. Santa will also smell like Christmas. Santa's favorite scents to wear include "Mrs. C's Cookies", "Sweet Peppermint Santa" and "Cocoa Santa".

Santa will not only bring Christmas joy to the wee little ones but even the older guests enjoy his unique holiday spirit. He is available for parties, churches, events, and home visits.


Have a Holiday event coming up? Well we have a holiday show that you're sure to love. It is a show all about Christmas and what this wonderful season is all about. Manuel holiday can twist balloon animals for your Holiday party or Parade. The children will also sing some of Manuel's favorite songs after the show Karaoke style! This will be a holiday to remember if Manuel Holiday was invited. Call today!

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